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This box has been wonderful. I have broadened my horizons and learned how to cook so many new veggies. And it keeps me from going back to the same staples. We're getting more variety and I think that's making us healthier. When I first subscribed, I was doing more substitutes. But now, unless I know we don't like it, we just go for it. Thanks.

Ryhaan V

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I love My Organic Food Club. I have been buying from them for close to a year now and the ease of being able to switch out items, stop service when needed and manage all of your day to day communication by text is fantastic. When I started a special diet they helped me source some of the harder to find items with incredibly responsive and knowledgeable customer service. The only complaint my husband has at times is that the tomatoes aren't as pretty but we all know that organic fruits and vegetables are not perfect. I highly recommend their services

Eileen P

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I am so happy I signed up for their newsletter a few months ago. At first, I was hesitant about using their delivery service. But I decided to give it a try, and my goodness am I grateful I did! They delivered the produce and fruit boxes right to my doorstep the first Wednesday (today!) of the week I made the order. There is an abundance of fresh organic vegetables varying from kale, spinach, butternut squash, you name it-- all in season and from our local neighbors! I'm excited to start cooking and using these all in my recipes. The red pear I’ve ever tried was so juicy and delicious! I can expect nothing but great healthy and tasty food from my organic food club! Looking forward to pass the word along and order again in a couple weeks when these run out! :)

Krys S.

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I guess I'm not someone I would consider to be an organic food junkie. Exercise is hard. I like fast food as much as the next person. Nevertheless, when I saw a documentary on food processing, I knew it was time to tweak my diet. I had never heard of a CSA before, but this one came highly recommended. And for a beginner like myself, it did not disappoint. The idea of driving out to a farm to pick up fruits and vegetables was a little iffy for me. Well the price per share includes delivery straight to your door! Worried about timing of delivery? They actually text you to alert you about when they drop the package of. Would you like organic eggs, raw chocolate, meat, and other products added to your order? Just text them to add it. Worried about CSAs that make you pay for 6 months of service up front? This is non contractual! Just pay for the weeks you want and forget the rest. Last but not least, worried about paying for an amalgam of fruits and veggies you've never heard of? I was too. Until I saw that they post a list of what will be added in this week’s shipment! Genius. It takes the guessing work and long driving out of the Csa equation! Just pay, and enjoy :) the customer service was great and I received an ample amount of organic Florida produce to cook and juice. I will definitely be ordering again.

Sola M

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