Your satisfaction is always our highest priority. All our products are inspected for quality and freshness upon receipt and prior to your delivery.

Florida Farm Direct aims to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to help you become more connected with the food you eat and to support the local farms which take pride in growing their crops in a sustainable manner.

Your food is naturally grown and is without hormones, chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering, modifications, preservatives, etc... Because our produce lacks the aforementioned factors, it will have slight imperfections so please keep your expectations realistic.

Holistic farming practices result in naturally raised and harvested produce which is the opposite of the food sourced by the supermarket, perfectly colored, covered in wax, and completely free of dirt. Eggs may have less than perfect oval shape or shell discoloration and some meats may have more blood in them than you would get at the supermarket. The main reason is that the animals are raised on open range farms where they move freely, have access to clean water, air and food, and behave like they would in nature. Eggs are not machine sorted and dyed for perfectly consistent white or brown shells.

You are getting food produced by nature and not modern agriculture engineering and mass production. We carefully selected farmers that have continued to strive for excellence, sustainability, trust of their communities, and consumers for years.

Should you be dissatisfied with any of your purchases, we will do everything in our power to make it right by you. Please contact us to discuss options and an optimal resolution.


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